This Is Not My Hat

Have you seen the new kids book This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen – it is so good, a deeply funny, rather dark tale of a small fish who has stolen a hat. From a big fish.Yes, he knows it is wrong but not to worry, he has a plan and will not get caught. Yeah, nothing can go wrong with that  then… this video from the publishers, Candlewick Press, shows off the lovely design…

You will never steal another hat again. No matter how good you think your plan is. I for one am keen on dark and edgy childrens books – the kids seem to love them and they are deeply satisfying as an adult, especially on the 10th or 100th reading aloud. They provoke interesting discussions too…….


One thought on “This Is Not My Hat

  1. So true and its the dark ones that are often the most memorable. Swim fish,read reader and tell us more please………….

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