Some crafty ideas…

A colleague left this this interesting new book on my desk the other day, knowing I’m a big fan of book art, those amazing scenes and objects cut from the pages of old books. It does feel slightly naughty and rather bad to take a scalpel to a book but the results can be beautiful and otherworldly, and they make wonderful gifts.

I have folded the pages of old books to create interesting sculptural shapes but wasn’t quite sure about cutting the pages. Book Art by Clare Youngs is really good if you are interested in having a go, the instructions are clear,  and the projects range from birds and mice for the smalls to bowls and artichokes, cards and hanging decorations for those allowed to use the sharp scissors/scalpels. I have a couple of ideas I want to work on once I have mastered the techniques this book teaches….

I have just finished the new novel by Victoria University Press author John Sinclair, Phoenix Song  – it was SO good, original and exciting and…I’m not saying more, well not now anyway…. I read it to take part in the booksellers’ podcast for the NZ Listener Book Club, why don’t you listen in?


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