a tiny book……….

…of tiny stories is just the thing when you need to read something a little off-beat, something sad, funny or amazing to bend your mind around a corner you didn’t even know was there. Luckily, it is named so you can track it down easily: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories 2 features some excellent Edward Gorey-ish illustrations and 61 contributors from the 14,9476 contributions to the Tiny Stories collaboration organised by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt & wirrow.


Each tiny story is like an amusebouche, a tasty tidbit to whet your appetite before diving into the next novel. My favourites in this beautifully designed hardback?

We agreed from the start: All mood, no message” on page 56, “He imagined a wonderful world of possibilities outside the house…but never checked, just in case.” page 94 and on page 110: “He drew all the curtains, so as to not let the Darkness in. But Darkness was already hiding, waiting  with a grin.”darkness


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