a small break…all the better for reading!

This is the last post until about the 7th of January 2013: the bookshop will be open over the holiday period but one has books to read and one’s own  bookshelves to organise – at the moment they are organised by rainbow: by the colours of their spines, which looks great and makes for exciting juxtapositions and bizarre, serendipitous genre connections.

Alphabetical-by-author may be the new regime – an oldie but a goodie, I think you’ll agree. I saw in a magazine where someone had covered all their books in old wallpapers – oddly appealing but I don’t think my break is long enough…I know someone who shelves by the nationality of the author – all the Irish together…and someone else  who lived with a person who re-organised the by-genre arrangement by book size…how do you do it?

Essential info if you have Christmas book vouchers clutched in your hand: The University Book Shop is closed on Christmas Day & Boxing Day and on the 1st and 2nd of January, in between our hours are 10.00-4.00 daily, except Sunday the 30th when we open 11.00-3.00, from the 3rd of January our hours return to normal.

Something to look out for if you are in the shop over the holidays – although we have them all the time, this is excellent exploring-Dunedin time for locals litwalksand visitors – is the Southern Heritage Trust’s excellent little publication Writers’ Dunedin: Three Literary Walks. It really is very good, and includes: a map of the city with literary landmarks (ahem, that is us on Great King St) and bios of 20 Dunedin-linked literary luminaries from Janet Frame, Ruth Dallas and Charles Brasch (ahem, all of whom worked in this building) to  Iain Lonie, Peter Olds & Cilla McQueen. There are three guided walks around sites of literary importance in the central city, up on  the hills and the University precinct (ahem again, that is us on page 35). All this literary Dunedin-ish goodness – exercise for the mind and the body – for a whole $6.00.

Wishing you excellent reading and all good things, see you in the new year…





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