All you need is a duck…

I have been enjoying dipping into genius cartoonist Michael Leunig’s The Essential Leunig: Cartoons from a Winding Path (Viking Australia).

Leunig has been drawing for Australian papers since 1965 and this selection from the last several decades is as funny, touching and pertinent as when they were first published. His comments on the modern world – particularly the rise of technology, often have quite  an edge to their wry humour, sometimes they are quite frightening, or angry, all are thought-provoking and rather wonderful.


Ducks enjoy an unassailable moral high ground – they comfort, simplify, soothe and make you smile. Small dogs can also do this.

I really enjoyed Leunig’s short essay at the beginning when he explains quite how he creates his lovely, heartbreaking, heartpleasing and whimsical (he dislikes the word, but really do you know a better?) images: a process of discovering ‘poetry and spirit in the playful winding path that the semiconscious pen makes on a piece of paper’.

Quack quack quack….



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