Known to be useful, believed to be beautiful…

… William Morris, the great Arts & Crafts innovater and designer of the early 20th century, would I am sure, have very much approved of  David Trubridge’s  work. New Zealand’s only internationally recognised furniture designer has just released a new book So Far (Craig Potton Publishing).

It is a lovely book, beautifully designed (of course!) and also, I thought, so interesting about Trubridge’s creative process and his development as a designer. Born in the UK and originally trained as a Naval Architect, Trubridge taught himself to make furniture before arriving in NZ in the mid-1980s after 5 years sailing the world with his family. He really believes that his life and his work are the same, and he is able to give some fascinating insights into both his design work and the successful business that has arisen from it. He is passionate about trying to create a work practice that is as sustainable as possible.
I particularly like his light fittings, and, after spotting them in design magazines  over the years, it is great to learn more about them.

Cascade 2


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