A glimpse of Anne…

We always have an edition or two of the diary of Anne Frank on the shelves – the latest editions include passages that her father chose to leave out of the first editions (passages that were felt to be too explicit or not in keeping with the Anne he wished to preserve), giving us an even clearer view of this remarkable young woman, who had such a talent for writing.
Her diary of her life living in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands makes real and personal a dreadful time of horrific and awe-inspiring events encompassing numbers that are almost too big to be fully apprehended or understood. The diary makes you think about all the people whose stories most of the world doesn’t know. Anne’s honesty about being young, her familiar irritations with her family, her ability to distill her experiences, imaginings, hopes and yearnings onto the page resonate with almost everyone who reads it.

Have you seen this film footage, the only known of Anne? The Frank’s neighbours in Amsterdam were filmed leaving their house for their wedding and suddenly, in the 9th second, there she is, watching them from a window, excited and happy and interested.


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