Game playing…

The new standalone crime novel from Michael Harvey, The Innocence Game (Bloomsbury) is just fantastic. Great plotting, racheted-up tension and a couple of twists that came out of nowhere meant I read this in one go last night. 2020948012It plays with the idea of those famous real-life courses, ‘Innocence Projects’, run by various US universities  where students look at cases where it appears a person has been wrongly convicted and re-examine them, using the latest legal and forensic techniques and processes. Over the years there have been several cases where the convicted person’s innocence has been established.
In this book three students are taking a summer course at Northwestern University, one of them has been sent some evidence that appears to prove that a man locked up for murder 15 years before could not have committed the crime (who sent it, and why, are just two of the questions you’ll ask yourself in this cleverly plotted, realistically charactered novel). The class decides, with the support of their charismatic teacher, to investigate: let the games begin. And what games they are, there are seemingly unending layers of deceit, corruption and danger, as more bodies start to appear that may be linked to the original case. It was quite scary, in a walking on cracking ice way: none of them know who to trust, and you won’t either.


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