Writing in NZ…

I have been enjoying the sharp observations and true rendering of the creative process and the creative writing class in particular in The Writing Class by Stephanie Johnson (Vintage).  – she knows of what she writes.
This unique novel is both a compelling love story and an insightful writing manual. Merle Carbury, an author in her own right, also teaches Creative Writing. Amid the tension of the final semester of the year, her many and varied students prepare to submit their manuscripts. As Merle mentors their assorted ambitions, observes the romantic entanglements of her colleague, worries about her husband and is intrigued by their mysterious German lodger, she both imparts and embodies how to write a novel. Written by a prize-winning NZ author, who is also an experienced teacher, the overarching intelligence, compassion and wicked humour in this inventive book make it a joy to read.
It goes well with the dipping in and out I have doing with Landfall 225: My Auckland edited by David Eggleton and published by our friends just down the road at Otago University Press. Landfall is NZ’s foremost and longest-running arts and literary journal. It showcases new fiction and poetry, as well as biographical and critical essays, and cultural commentary. Verbal and visual snapshots of Auckland open this exciting and exuberant Landfall issue. There is information about how to go about
submitting work to Landfall here





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