Drink me! Eat me! Adventures in bakingland….

A clever new baking book from one of the women who was on that TV show, NZ’s Hottest Home Baker, is worth a look. Alice in Bakingland (HarperCollins) by Alice Arndell is pretty (it is so encouraging when baking to have a pretty result in sight), useful and has some great recipes – and unlike Alice in Wonderland you won’t shrink or grow taller if you indulge in these treats (I say nothing about rounder)…
There are some great hints and tips with useful stage-by-stage photos – I thought the section on how to make your macarons as macaron-ish as possible was excellent. I don’t actually want to make these oh-so-popular French fancies but now I could if I wanted to – I particularly appreciated the suggestions at the end of the lesson for using up the golden egg yolks unwanted in the egg-white dependent macaron process.
Arndell is a home cook and it shows – she answers the questions and uses the equipment and techniques, that you’ll most commonly find in a NZ kitchen. There are many baker’s notes and ideas for substitutions, and the odd sweet surprise from left field to keep things interesting – Pinot Noir cupcakes (the cupcakes on the cover below), dried pineapple flowers and the Matcha Green Tea Sponge Roll filled with Raspberry Cream which looks like spring incarnate in a cake!
Altogether, an excellent rabbit hole to have fallen down…


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