Death Angel

The new book in Linda Fairstein’s series about Assistant DA Alex Cooper, Death Angel (Little, Brown), is just as good as the others.

As usual, the complicated plot is fascinating – more so because Fairstein knows what she is writing about: one of the USA’s foremost legal experts on crimes of violence against women and children, for three decades Fairstein served in the office of  the New York County District Attorney where she was Chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit. Her deep anger and sadness about such crimes, and her determination to do something about them, comes through in these startlingly realistic and believable novels, which attempt to explain these traumatic experiences and show how they affect so many people’s lives in diverse and unexpected ways.
On the lighter side, in this novel, Alex and her colleague Detective Mike Chapman are finally moving towards exploring their on, off, possible, maybe, maybe not relationship – this is probably the least interesting part of the book but I guess as it has been a thread over many of the books it needed to start to come to some conclusion.

Fairstein loves New York, and, very satisfyingly,  you always learn a great deal about the history of this many-storied city and how it works now, especially the particular part the investigation is taking part in.
In Death Angel, the silent character is the famous and fantastic Central Park, where lakes, Appalachian-like woodlands, seemingly primeval wildernesses, Victorian walks and open meadows were all created on what was a swamp. Some of the famous buildings around it also play a part as Alex and her colleagues realise that the enormous urban park, a sanctuary for so many in the concrete jungle, has become a hunting ground…


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