Things That Are

This is such an unusual book, kind of hard to describe but which you must read right now!
Things That Are : Encounters with Plants, Stars and Animals (Canongate) by Amy Leach is a remarkable collection of short creative non-fiction pieces about, well, anything and everything. It is both lyrical and scientific, sometimes a sentence is overwhelmingly beautiful, the facts are always interesting.
It isn’t just me raving, look at this praise:

Sheer scrambling delight” – Lawrence Weschler”

Lyrical and strange” – Huffington Post

Sparkling. Everything in Amy Leach’s world abounds in wisdom, not to mention merriment and joy” – The Rumpus

Leach is ecstatic in her knowledgeable, resplendent, and exhilarating contemplations of everything from subatomic particles to dust, Spinoza, donkeys and caterpillars“- Booklist

So go on, read it and join us on our dazed and delighted island of Leach appreciation – we’ll recognise each other across crowded rooms by the gesticulations and excitement as we tell the uninitiated about this excellent new book…

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