Be a Stylee Kiwi! Keep New Zealand Beautiful *

Hooray, a new book about New Zealand style! Stylist LeeAnn Yare has selected 24 NZ homes that are fabulously minimalist, upcycled, pretty, retro or colourful, and housed them all in New Zealand Interior Style (Penguin Books), a rather lovely and important-looking hardback.

There are interesting interviews with the various owners, explaining why they have chosen to decorate the way they have, what meaning is has and what sort of pleasures it brings them. The great photos are by Larnie Nicholson, and there are also occasional tips suggesting how to create the desired effect yourself. I do find it unnerving how the homes in these sorts of books are so pristine with nothing out-of-place so it was nice to see the odd scattered book and rumpled duvet which adds some life.
It would be interesting to see what such places look like with no cushion plumping or last-minute spit-and-polishing at all – still gorgeous I bet, but a bit more as though people lived their lives there.
However, I must admit I do like peering at other people’s rooms, thinking “Ooh, I like that…” or “What? How can they…” Sometimes about the same room.
This is a good overview of modern New Zealand house decoration and nest-lining, and usefully too, just in time for the present-giving season, it will appeal to as many different people as there are styles.

* Remember that government-backed 1970s exhortation, to reduce litter on the streets: “Be a Tidy Kiwi”? What do you reckon to a government-backed “Be a Stylee Kiwi” campaign?


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