Art publishers Phaidon have really outdone themselves this time: The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design has just landed in the shop – complete with its own canvas strapping and handles. It needs them, it is almost 13 kg!

This box of graphic design goodness is filled with 500 loose-leaf pages featuring over 500 of the most iconic graphic designs from the beginnings of mechanical reproduction to the present day. Arranged in chronological order, and chosen from many cultures, the designs are accompanied by texts and illustrated with a range of imagery – including rarely seen historical, contextual and archival material – to shed light on their origin and development.
I have to say it is an incredibly good price – whether you are after it for its form or its content, this is an amazing buy. One of the best things about this ‘book in a box’ approach is that you can organise the various sections (and their dividers) in the order you want, that you think is the most important – let your inner indexer out!

Here is Phaidon’s booktrailer:



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