Scary stuff

The new Jo Nesbo thriller The Police is indeed thrilling and sometimes downright hair-raising. Set in Oslo, this is very, very good Scandi crime. I am SO glad they have stopped with the “The Next Stieg Larsson”  stickers on the front covers. Nesbo’s work far surpasses Larsson’s in pretty much every way and it seems a disservice to Nesbo, who introduced Harry Hole in 1997, to suggest he is following in Larsson’s footsteps.

This latest installment in his extremely popular Harry Hole series is really cleverly plotted: I can often guess crime novel twists but in this book Nesbo piles twist upon twist and then makes a macrame pot holder out of the whole boiling. I was intrigued and fooled in equal measure, which was very satisfying and made it a very exciting and surprising read.

A killer is slaughtering police officers at the scenes of crimes they have failed to solve: the murders are brutal so I must admit to a small amount of skating over the more gory details. Whether Harry is available, in any sense, to help his dead colleagues and the colleagues investigating their deaths remains a question for a good part of the book.The characters are believable, some of them are familiar from the previous novels, and Nesbo continues to keep them fresh, revealing more about them.
So, scary but good stuff…



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