Back to basics…

I was in the Children’s Room (our lovely children’s bookshop within the bookshop) yesterday and saw these really charming and appealing two books published by Allen & Unwin.

Animal ABC and Animal 123 are beautifully illustrated, and a quirky mix of the exotic and commonplace, so C features a cheetah, a camel, and a chameleon as well as a crab and caterpillars. You can count 2 gorgeous parrots or 8 salamander, and be dazzled by spreads of eighty ladybirds or ninety penguins.
I think they are so appealing because they are sophisticated but simple, printed on matt paper so they feel sort of precious and olde worlde.The illustrations reminded me of those done of some great potentate’s menagerie in the Age of Discovery.


An excellent way to come to grip with the basics or just pay them a nostalgic visit. Go on, sing the bookseller’s shelving song along with me: A B C D E F G….

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