Oh, those weasels…never has megalomania been so furry!

.. we are all chortling here over a new book that has landed in The Children’s Room. Weasels is really funny – like, tears running down your cheeks, wetting yourself, sobbingly funny.
Weasels – what do they do all day? Eat nuts and berries? Frolic in leaves? Lurk in the dark? Argue with squirrels? Hide in their weasel holes? Well, all these are wrong. What they really do is …plot world domination.

But not very well – in fact they are remarkably similar to another cunning creature: they are obsessed with coffee (keep an eye on that albino coffee-carrying weasel in the pic above), believe a big power tool helps in every situation and don’t cope well when things go wrong.
Get your hands on a copy forthwith and enjoy the weaselness!

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