An alternative view…

One of my colleagues wanted to tell you about a really interesting new book we have in:

” The second Rookie Yearbook is the perfect antidote to every popular myth about what it means to be a teenage girl. Founded by Tavi Genison, this magazine for young women by young women has developed a cult following and is quickly putting the mainstream magazine industry to shame.

Erudite, political and savvy, Rookie regularly features interviews and profiles on people such as John Waters, Patti Smith, David Sedaris, Daniel Clowes, and Joan Didion alongside many others. With a strong focus on feminism and cultural criticism, there is also plenty of content on areas such as DIY, activism, fashion, sexuality and race. The second yearbook is an extensive compilation of some of the magazine’s best interviews, images and advice, and is an indispensable gift for the creative, intelligent teenager in your life.”

I think this sounds really interesting, and it is beautifully designed – I’m off to lunch with a copy of this to peruse…


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