A little Florida Noir…

… which is actually bright pink, neon yellow and lime green – with a sprinkle of guns and blood and drugs and crazy.
Just when you are thinking to yourself that one really does need another off-the-wall, lurid, mayhem, murder and freaky-chaos author from Florida, cause you’ve read all the Carl Hiaasens and Tim Dorseys, hooray, there one is!
No Regrets, Coyote by John Dufresne is hilarious, dark, chaotic, frightening and clever in equal measure. It introduces Wylie ‘Coyote’ Melville as our latest unlikely detective, trying to surf the choppy waters of South Florida’s tumultuous, corruption-riddled but beautifully sunny social experiment. Well, not so much surf, as just stay afloat in the murky waters. Coyote is a therapist and sometime, just for fun, forensic consultant.

Called in to give his opinion on an apparent murder-suicide in a family home, he starts his own investigation when his concerns that all is not as it seems are not only ignored, but buried by the police force that wanted his help. Aided by his poker-playing friend, sleight-of-hand maestro Bay Lettique, who has his own connections to the Everglades underworld, juggling his father’s dance with Alzheimer’s and his mood-swinging sister, and training new kitten Django in the ways of the household, Coyote slips further and further into the dark currents underlying the bright shiny surface which he thought was real life.

Great fun, a little ridiculous, excellent characters, less amoral than Dorsey, not quite as angry as Hiaasen, this is good writing. Florida and its denizens, as written by these gentlemen, is both luscious and louche, depraved and sublime, genuine and utterly false. It is joyously repellent and seductive in equal measure…



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