Me beside you….

Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves is just amazing. Devastating, compelling, sometimes really funny, this is a very pertinent exploration of families, memory, identity and humanity. I can’t say too much, don’t want to spoil the big twist, as I read it without any idea it was coming and wow, it made me go back and read the previous chapters to catch a glimpse of what was being foreshadowed.

The story is told by Rosemary, a young 20ish university student, who had a sister Fern, who disappeared when they were both four, and a brother she hasn’t heard from for eleven years. She and her parents revolve around each other, distant as planets, silent but affecting each other’s internal balances. Rosemary, sharp, witty, possibly a most unreliable witness, gradually leads us through the story of what happened in her family. Simply outstanding: “Readably juicy and surreptitiously smart” says Barbara Kingsolver  why Valerie Martin called it “a delight and a provocation“.
I cannot imagine you being disappointed…


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