Weirdness at The Wall Street Journal

For more than seventy years The Wall Street Journal has published the A-Hed Column, an antidote to the often gloomy ‘real’  news of war, disease, disaster and human naughtiness. A number of the coloumns have been collected together in Dogfight at the Pentagon: Sergeant Dogs, Grumpy Cats, Wallflower Wingmen, and Other Lunacy from the Wall Street Journal’s A-Hed Column.
I really liked it, these little
glimpses into the weirder and wilder shores of human endeavour, like the man who is the agent for those celebrity animals that turn into viral memes, like Grumpy Cat, and the picture of a joke/faux sailor lost at sea, that hung unnoticed on the walls of the Pentagon. Because it is a book, some of the stories have an extra page, an update on the orginal publication. My very favourite story might be the one about the Bronies, groups of young men who meet to appreciate the adventures of the various incarnations of My Little Pony, or maybe the one about the group of high school friends who have kept a game of Tag going (active only in February) for over 24 years and an entire country.
Of course the writing, understated, elegant and wry, is excellent.


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