Choice, eh?

Hooray, The Great New Zealand Cookbook has just been released.

It is a very smart looking hardback with recipes from,  it says, ” 80 of our finest cooks, chefs and bakers”, including, excitingly, local Dunedin, but Le Gavroche (London) trained, chef Jim Byars, who runs The Friday Shop up on Highgate. It is only open on Fridays as that is how long it takes for two of them to get everything ready. I have discovered that the cafe around the corner from the bookshop, Everyday Gourmet, has the The Friday Shop’s almond croissants on a Friday, so I don’t have to get up to Highgate and fight the crowd for them. And now I can make their lemon tart…
The photos of both the food and the chefs – each in their own home, kitchen, restaurant  or cafe – are great, inspiring and not too styled, and the range is wide, each person contributing 2 or 3 of their (our) favourite recipes…

Matariki (the month long celebration of the traditional Maori New Year, as the Pleiades star cluster rises in the dark wintery sky) starts on Sunday – why not celebrate with a kiwi dinner of Rex Morgan’s lamb shanks, Peta Mathias’ potatoes in duck fat, Jonny Schwass’ fennel, grapefruit and radish salad, Shaun Clouston’s Pohutukawa Honey Roasted Stone Fruits and Annabelle White’s florentines?


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