Hairy Maclary and the Romans…

When that old scoundrel Robert Graves kicks off in I, Claudius with the prophecies about the hairy first (Caesar) who shall enslave Rome, followed up by the hairy second, third and so on, through more Roman decadence and inbreeding than is good for one – or an empire – he should have added the dominion that young scoundrel Hairy Maclary would hold over kids, not just in NZ but around the world.

Kids cannot get enough of him, and I’m not complaining, he and his friends are charming, quirky and lively – which is more than you can say for Graves’ Roman dynasty (haven’t read it? You must: Game of Thrones in togas – and its mostly based on facts…).
We are partial here to a good ABC and a smart 123, and two new versions for the very littlies featuring the Hairy One are sure to delight – feels like being present at the beginning of an empire’s foundation myth…


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