Going without…

I found the new book by Lotta Dann, Mrs D is Going Without, interesting and appealing. Dann was, as she says, a boozy housewife, and now she is not. This started off as a blog as Dann wrote diary entries to herself about giving up the alcohol that she suddenly needed, craved and depended on just a little too much.
As Dann explains, nobody would ever have classed her as a problem drinker. I am not sure about this – when she recounts events with her friends and how much she was drinking compared to them, I wonder if there were people who were not as surprised by her need to abstain as she thinks they were. Dann decides to go cold turkey and give up and to record what she thinks, feels and experiences as she goes. She is open and honest about what is hard and what is surprising, what is helpful and what is frustrating, and the emotional roller coaster nature of the world experienced without alcohol for the first time in twenty years. She derives great solace and inspiration by reading the sober blogs of others and also from suddenly finding herself the source of solace and inspiration to those reading her blog.
This is a simple and brave book, which makes you think about alcohol in your own life and could be useful to those whose drinking is similar to Dann’s – fun, sociable, acceptable, encouraged but with a growing sense of edges reached, boundaries blurred and thoughts being insidiously overtaken by the idea of alcohol, before the first glass of the day is even poured.


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