Another bird in the nest…

As you know, we are great fans here of Icon Books’ clever and appealing Magpie series of miscellanies. They have done so far, Nature, Science and Antiques. So you’ll be very pleased for us that Kitchen Magpie: A delicious melange of culinary curiosities, fascinating facts, amazing anecdotes and expert tips for the food-lover has just flown in, full of interesting chirpings and much ruffling of feathers.

Delving into forgotten corners of gastronomic history, Steen reveals what Parmesan has to do with broken bones and why John Wayne kept a cow in a hotel. Laying bare the secrets of the kitchen, he concocts the ultimate hangover cure and explains how to cook perfect rib of beef with the oven off. With much-loved cooks sharing passion and know-how, and their answers to the question ” What is the food of love?”, this mouth-watering miscellany will sate the appetite of every kitchen dweller, from the masterful expert to the earnest apprentice. My favourite thing? Steen’s dry, clever humour that runs like a sparkling, slightly sharp thread though all the kitcheny titbits.

We are so pleased for you, having this to read in the future…



One thought on “Another bird in the nest…

  1. Thank you for your kind words about my little Kitchen Magpie, and I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed it. The book has received an incredibly good response – quite unexpected. It was a joy to write and to know now that it is bringing joy to others. Two for joy! Wishing you all the best, and with much appreciation. James xx

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