Rebellion in the ranks…

So exciting when an author gets in touch! See James Steen’s comment about the Kitchen Magpie in the post below…

I and my colleagues have been cackling over another great kids book: The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Duncan opens his crayon box to do some colouring and finds all the crayons have quit. They have gone, leaving behind letters.
Green likes the work “...Loads of crocodiles, trees, dinosaurs and frogs. I have no problems and wish to congratulate you on a very successful ‘colouring things green’ career so far…but is being driven nuts by Orange and Yellow fighting over who is the colour of the sun. Pink is just grateful Duncan’s little sister has a penchant for princesses while Black is over being the colour to outline things, and White is feeling empty, unloved and invisible (which you can kinda understand); Purple, a neat freak, is tired of going outside the lines of dragons and wizards’ hats while Blue has been used so much she has been reduced to a stub. Red is just tired, what with fire engines and Santa Claus, while Grey dreams of little pebbles rather than elephants and whales. Beige is fed up with being overshadowed by Dark Brown who gets to do bears and ponies and there is that strange Peach crayon (which I certainly remember never using) whose wrapping paper has been peeled off. Duncan decides to save the day and make them all happy and shiny and new again.
Very funny, rather joyous and full of colour…like this clever book trailer (nothing like Twisted Sister’s We’re not Going to Take It to energise the troops…)


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