Cake, cake, cake…

The Cake by Dorethee de Monfreid is charming, colourful and funny, and very realistic about the importance of cake. I care about this, today is my birthday and I’ll have cake if I want to…

Tiger wants to bake a cake. A chocolate cake. But Rabbit has a weakness for
carrot cake. Monkey wants a banana cake. Dog is licking his chops thinking about a bone cake. And little Bear really wants a fish cake. Will tantrums be thrown or is there a way to satisfy everyone? I wasn’t sure, after all cake is a terribly personal thing.
Another funny and ironic treasure from Gecko Press – the ending is a complete surprise but a joy and a delight – much like the best cakes.
I would suggest eating cake while reading it would increase the ‘meta-ness’ for all concerned.




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