More, more, more….

Plenty More by the fantastic London-based chef  Yotam Ottolenghi is as good as his other books, Ottolenghi, and Jerusalem (both with Sami Tamimi), and Plenty which have made fans and disciples of many of the keen bookseller/cooks here at UBS Otago and our happy Ottolenghied-up customers.

This is another gorgeously photographed and designed cookbook. If you are actually reading it for the recipes, you’ll find them inspiring, delicious and exciting. Plenty More picks up where Plenty left off, with 150 more dazzling vegetable-based dishes, this time organised by cooking method: Grilled, baked, simmered, cracked, braised or raw. Living with a southern hemisphere warm (I hope) Christmas I am planning on making the Frozen Bitter Berries with White Chocolate Cream for dessert this year – raspberries, red currants, boysenberries, Angostura bitters (who’d have thought??), cream and white chocolate – you get to bash the frozen berries in a bag with a heavy object…
I really like Ottolenghi’s food philosophy, and the useful, chatty and personable intro to each recipe – he really wants you to enjoy both the making and the eating. Watch these and see what I mean – he writes like he talks…


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