High levels of excitement here! Shaun Tan is one of the greatest living contributors to children’s literature and we all love his work.
We have just taken delivery of the amazing collector’s edition of his beautiful, frightening, utterly orginal and poignant paen to the immigration experience, The Arrival.

As if the original book is not gift enough , this is the most stunning presentation: limited edition prints, deluxe copy of the story, and all beautifully packaged in a suitcase. Read about all the details here



You are most welcome to stop by the stop by the shop for a special viewing!

University Book Shop Otago is thrilled to be selected as one of only a handful of bookshops in New Zealand to stock this stunning artefact. Normal RRP $440, we have it at a special price until Christmas of $350 (including free postage anywhere in New Zealand). This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for anyone with an interest in children’s literature, graphic art, or contemporary design to purchase a book that will be treasured by generations.

I might suggest that, like the classroom bunny or hamster, one of us needs to take it home to look over, er, I mean, after it and keep it safe until it finds its forever home…


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