Incredible, Indelible Science…

We have a few tattoo books on the shelves – some of this artwork is pretty spectacular but I think the cleverest might be found in this wee gem: Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed by Carl Zimmer. This is an elegant and thought-provoking collection of images – and Zimmer, an excellent science writer, explains the science behind these rather beautiful images – if you are going to ink up, these are better than a dodgy Asian character that you think means luck, or a spiralling curly thing that might be Celtic – unless you mean it to be vaguely Polynesian…

Ever since I found the book on the shelves last week I have been wondering what the various scientists and lecturers coming into the shop from over at the University might have inked on their skins. Suspect these are the tattoos the characters on The Big Bang would have… from Darwin’s finches to the solar system, to my personal favourite, Schrödinger’s cat (alive or dead? and who put it in the box?), these are beautiful, alluring, clever and witty. The book is interesting  and well-written, and a great sideways gift for any scienceomanes you know. Perhaps you should get them a voucher for a tattoo as well…

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