For the Love Of…

One of our booksellers who is also a keen cook just had to write about her latest favourite:

“There’s nothing like the unrelenting misery of cold Dunedin winter to get me busy in the kitchen. Luckily there are an exciting new batch of NZ cookbooks in store to take the edge off winter. For the Love Of… by Karena & Kasey Bird, is one of my favourites.

For those who may have missed it, Karena & Kasey Bird are sisters, and the 2014 winners of NZ Masterchef, and this is their debut cookbook. Cooking shows make me nervous, so I missed these two the first time around, but reality television aside, this might be the best NZ cookbook to come out this year, not to mention one of the best & most professional products of self publishing I’ve seen. Impeccably designed, & with recipes to suit all occasions, these girls take traditional Maori cuisine and average NZ fare and give them a contemporary, international twist. The difficulty ranges from ‘homemade KFC’ to ‘Shitake crusted fillet with truffle mash and mushroom sauce,’ and there are recipes to suit every price range and occasion. These are the kind of things you can’t believe you never thought to make before, but will soon eclipse your old favourites. Some of my picks include: ‘Miso Caramel Eggplant,’ ‘Slow Braised Lamb Shin with Minto Gremolata,’ ‘Self Saucing Plum Pudding’ and ‘Sweet Kumara Pie.’ I made their classic vanilla baked rice pudding last night, and it’s my new go-to recipe. ”

I have to confess to having had my eye on their Black Doris Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding for some little while now, as the days really draw in, so good to know it makes as well as it looks – why don’t you have a go? And have to agree – one of the most appealing and good-looking NZ cookbook designs I’ve seen in a while…


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