A colouring book – with cats!
Can there be a more perfect confluence of lovely things?

Honestly though, the adult colouring books Thing (by which we mean rather beautiful, sophisticated and clever drawings and designs rather than, you know, ‘adult’ in the XXX sense – although there are surely some adult ‘adult’ colouring books) is just racing along.
We are having trouble keeping up with the demand, and there are new releases every month. There are various ethnic designs, bird and butterfly themes, tattoos, various cityscapes, mexican sugar skulls, there is a Game of Thrones one in the works, at which the mind boggles slightly – will they make felt pen sets with extra red pens for colouring in all the blood?
And now critical mass has been reached and we have cats – critical mass in almost anything (like the whole internet) seems to end in cats, have you noticed?

Cat Therapy: a Colouring Book for Adults is, unusually in the colouring book world, a hardback – as an object it is rather appealing – and it is full of cat pictures and designs: the Escher-ish ones are v. good. Amusingly, like a number of these books, it is pitching itself as anti-stress – so you know, you can justify to any cynics (also known in the C.B.W as meanies who only colour in black and white while killing fluffy bunnies), sitting and colouring for hours as a self-improvement/healthy life maintenance tool. It is in fact, simple and relaxing fun, it doesn’t involve a screen, it’s a few minutes, maybe a couple of hours out of the busy world, the biggest decision you have to make is what colour to put where, and many of the books really are charming and appealing – what’s not to enjoy?


One thought on “Miaow!

  1. I’ve been doing this for years. I needed a positive way of relieving anxiety and stress and this provided a great solution. Coloring is a great way to be creative when you really aren’t!

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