It’s a Wonderful Life…

Head Case: My Brain and Other Wonders by Cole Cohen is fascinating. Cole has spent her whole life afloat in the world, unable to tell left from right, unable to develop any sense of time – did 5 minutes just pass or an hour? – not able to read a map or retain directions, and never learning to drive. Really good at writing and art (although she did mostly etirw-rorrim/mirror-write as a child) and peculiarly and bafflingly bad at maths, her parents had her investigated for every learning disorder going but there was never any firm diagnosis.

Until she was given an MRI in her twenties and they discovered a freaking big hole – “like a lemon” – in her brain, right where all the things she couldn’t do, are done.

Eureka! a clever, very funny account of the frustrations and sometime magical moments of a life led adrift in a clock-driven world.

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