ggm1Just re-read One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and it ggm2was fabulous as always. Hadn’t read it for several years and was surprised a couple of times as details and characters differed from what I remembered – which just adds to the slightly hallucinatory whizz and rush of the tale of a single multi-generational family in an isolated small village in the steamy marshes of a tumultuous South American country, riven by bloody civil war and soaked with religion and superstition. If you haven’t tried this, do. Garcia Marquez sent the book to his publisher’s 50 years ago this year – the rest is magic-realist and Nobel history…

Eye-popping in a different way is the new thriller from L.Hilton, Maestra. Julia works in an imporMaestratant London auction house but can’t make ends meet so also moonlights as a hostess at a Soho club. She discovers a con at the auction house, ends up fired and takes a job offered by one of the habitues of the club. She tries to leverage the situation with him, he ends up dead and the story rockets from there as Julia has to survive on the run using her art-world knowledge and her native cunning and determination to cut a swathe through the wallets of Europe’s seriously wealthy. She is slightly feral, very clever and utterly amoral. There is a lot of sex and violence and you kind of like her stroppy, practical and clear sighted anti-heroine while also being a bit scared. Great entertainment and good writing which is what carries it off in all its slightly mental mix of money, revenge and power. Wanna bet they make a movie of it? And a sequel is already planned…


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