Help the Little Rabbit…

Our bestest books this week might be Bathtime for Little Rabbit by Jorg Muhle, the riveting sequel to Tickle My Ears.

These interactive charmers are perfect for the youngest members of the family; In the first, you follow the rituals of getting ready for bed, getting the reader or the read-to, to participate with face-cleaning, pyjama-buttoning and finally, ear-tickling. Then in the sequel, you get to help with bathtime. swooshing the bubbles, rescuing rabbit when he gets water in his eyes, drying him off, and then, when the hairdryer breaks, blowing his ears dry.

Deeply satisfying, with the child-taming lessons about going to bed and keeping clean hidden in the lovely illustrations and simple stories like zuchinni in a chocolate cake: so delicious they’ll just eat it up…



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