Before & after…

We are very much enjoying these two clever board books: from art publishers Phaidon is  Before & After by Jean Julien, My Pictures After the Storm by Eric Veille, is from Gecko Press.







You probably get the idea of the main theme, the plot as it were, of the books but they are delightfully illustrated, with sophisticated examples that will draw a smile from old and young alike. Before & After looks simpler:

but introduces some interesting philosophical ideas:




My Pictures After the Storm shows a page of pictures before something happens to them, like a storm, or a playfight, or a trip to the hairdresser, and then the effect on the pictures:







My favourite might be after the elephant, here in the original French (elephant/éléphant the effect is the same…




“It will be STUPENDOUS” – Angelina Ballerina

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our Children’s Room pop-up shop at 326 George St (just ‘popposite’ Yaks ‘n’Yetis). Here you will find all the fabulous books, quirky and interesting toys, gorgeous giftwrap, lovely cards and specialised bookseller services you find at the original Children’s Room at the University Book Shop Otago at 378 Great King St. We are certain it will be very popular.


When we expanded and re-designed our children’s section in our iconic Great King St shop, as part of our commitment to creating life-long readers, we were somewhat startled to have somebody tell us “I don’t know why you are bothering, you’ll be closed in a year!”. Poppycock, we cried! so a year later, it is very exciting, in fact it is poptastic, to invite you all to celebrate opening another bookshop and having more bookshopping poptions.

As you can tell we are all just popping with excitement – why not pop-in to the pop-up (open from 9.30am and say hi, browse the books, noodle with the toys, find just the right gift and choose a card…

9.30am-5.30pm on  Monday to Friday
10.00am-4.00pm on  Saturday & Sunday
326 George St